Slice of LIfe / Gallery By J – Sweden Art shows | Bad Business | Robbery


Slice of Life / Gallery By J Art companies in Gothenburg, Sweden 

Robbery / Art in Possession  /  Bad Business

Artist Devon Almarinez had 2 exhibits with companies Slice of Life / Gallery By J

Michel Alberti, from the art company Slice of life introduces Devon Almarinez Art to Jacob Foulidis Feldt and Jiannis Foulidis. The two were going to license the “Slice of Life” brand name and open up a gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

11.25.17   Slice of Life Debut co-art show in Gothenburg, Sweden with artist Marie Plosjö

Link to 1st art show pictures in Gothenburg, Sweden: Slice of Life Debut co-art show in Gothenburg, Sweden with artists Devon Almarinez x Marie Plosjö

Devon Almarinez Art Sold paintings / was a success and allowed gallery owners to upgrade to a better gallery / location immediately after art show. 

     • Slice of Life did not pay for all art sales from the exhibit and broke agreements.

     • Deal was made and company was to pay for remaining art sales after 2nd exhibit in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2.24.18 – 2nd Exhibition at Slice of Life / Gallery By J co-showing with Rock Star Mikkey Dee.  


( Owners, Jacob and Jiannis Foulidis consult with Michel Alberti about changing the name from “Slice of Life” to “Gallery By J.” )

     • Slice of Life / Gallery By J did not pay for owed art sales from the 1st exhibit and 2nd exhibit and broke agreement again.  

3.7.18 – Meeting with Jiannis Foulidis / Jacob Foulidis Feldt about payments and was resolved. The next day Devon Almarinez Art was to receive full payment.

3.8.18 – Balance was not paid and artist fly’s back to the USA. 

3.14.18 –  Jiannis and Jacob Foulidis call / message that there was a robbery at the gallery. 

     • 9 paintings were stolen and 2 damaged while trying to run out.

They said a car had 2×4’s attached to the front of the vehicle and blew through the door / wall of the gallery. There is video and the security company has given it to the police for their investigation. Jacob said after the cops do their investigation Devon Almarinez Art will receive video. Video was never sent.

4.3.18 – During this time a representative from Artion galleries contacts Devon Almarinez Art to be an artist in their gallery. 

4.14.18 – Devon Almarinez Art tells Jiannis to package up paintings and send them over to Artion gallery in Greece. He refused to send the paintings. 

Jiannis /Jacob have a lawyer call to sabotage the new gallery collaboration and say that they exclusively represent Almarinez all over Europe and if they work with him they will face legal penalties. Untrue. They only represented Almarinez in Sweden / Dubai at the time, but was denied any representation / affiliation at this point.

At this time: 

Slice of Life / Gallery By J has not paid for art sales. They will not give any evidence or paperwork on insurance on the stolen artwork. They will not ship remaining artwork below. 

7. 17.18  – Michel of “Slice of Life” came to Las Vegas for an art show and spreads the story that Jiannis told him to slander DA Art name with other galleries. Galleries contact Devon Almarinez Art immediately. One of the galleries said it was the Swedish artist and her manager Michel. 

Michel is confronted and he admits that he doesn’t know anything about any business with Jiannis  / Jacob and Devon Almarinez Art and it’s not his business. Moments later he says he did tell people what Jiannis told him. Michel was told not to spread anymore lies on this date of July 17, 2018.

Michel Alberti and Slice of life in ( Visby ) Gotland, Sweden still have artworks that should of been returned to Devon Almarinez Art as well, but not yet received.

*Michel’s artist also had a Fine Art print stolen during the Robbery at Gallery By J and was already paid for it by the gallery, but nothing for Devon Almarinez Art.

Devon Almarinez Art has no affiliation with Slice of Life or Gallery By J because of these bad business practices. 

( More information coming soon…Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Artwork located in Dubai. Pending info)

FBI / INTERPOL / GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT have been notified on Stolen Artwork

If you have any information on Stolen artworks please e-mail:

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